Breast Reconstruction

woman-breastreconstructionBreast Reconstruction is a procedure performed for women who have lost a breast due to cancer or other conditions. This surgery is both physically and emotionally rewarding as the creation of a new breast can dramatically increase one’s self-image and self-confidence. A reconstructed breast will not have the same feeling or sensation as the replaced breast; however, it will be restored to a relatively normal, natural looking shape and size as was present before the mastectomy.

The results from breast reconstruction surgery will help lessen the physical and emotional aspects from the mastectomy. However, it is important to note that in some situations it may not be possible to achieve optimal results at the time of the first surgery. Another surgery may be necessary. Breast Reconstruction surgery is generally covered by insurance and performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia.

Utah Breast Reconstruction Specialist

Dr. Bindrup is one of the premier breast reconstruction experts in Utah. Schedule a Consultation with him where you will be able to have various techniques explained and your questions answered. Dr. Bindrup will discuss your options and recommend a course of treatment in a non-pressured environment. Call today (801-316-1313) to schedule your consultation. You will see why Dr. Bindrup is THE RIGHT CHOICE for your breast reconstruction procedure.



    Thank You -
    After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having a mastectomy (complete left breast tissue removal), it was important to me to have reconstructive surgery.
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    Positive Results. Great attention to detail. He is a gifted surgeon and a kind man. His staff was very helpful and welcoming. The follow-ups on my surgery and recovery were outstanding. Highly Recommend. ~ CJ